Update on how Young Life is rocking and rolling at Topeka High, check it…


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I know that the super bowl is over, but I am still laughing about this commerical

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What is the gospel? Question posed by one of my professors recently in an assignment for the “Life of Christ” course that I am taking. It was encouraging for me to think critically in answering Biblically. Here is a portion of my paper…

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The gospel is defined as a message about a person that came to accomplish something. That person is Jesus, who is fully God and fully man, some refer to him as the 200% being. He was with God the Father from the very beginning and sent by the Father to earth with his mission being to “serve and give his life as a ransom for many.” He showed us what it meant to be man – to be subordinate to God. He displayed what it meant to be God – to possess all power, control and authority for our good and His glory. Jesus lived the life we should have lived and he died the death we should have died.

In the first century “gospel” was typically associated with a proclamation to the people that a battle was won on their behalf, which was good news that they were saved as a result of soldiers fighting for them. This truth could not be more evident regarding the message that Jesus proclaimed. So what did he come to accomplish? Entire libraries have been published explaining the answer to this question so my purposes are simply to briefly explain the definition put forth at the beginning of this paragraph. Jesus said that he came to fulfill the law and the prophets. Scripture tells us that the purpose of the Mosaic Law is to teach us that we cannot keep it on our own and therefore the wrath of God is upon us. Jesus fulfilled the law as the sinless sacrifice that took the righteous wrath of God upon himself on mankind’s behalf. In regards to the prophets of the Old Testament their entire message was about a King that was coming to save Israel of whom they referred to as the Messiah. God’s promises spoken through them filled a good portion of the Old Testament, which the nation of Israel had been anticipating for hundreds of years to take place. Jesus came not only as the deliverer of the Jewish people, but also as the deliverer of the entire human race. This is what Jesus came to accomplish.

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Jim Gaffigan- my new favorite comedian

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Jim makes an excellent point when he talks about how folks get uncomfortable when people ask them if they want to talk about Jesus. He even takes this to the point of claiming that the Pope likes to “keep work at work.” I do not care who you are, this is ridiculously funny!

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